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Quality Meats

King's BBQ is a classic style barbecue restaurant, that was originally started in 2006, Kings BBQ is family owned and we are dedicated to providing the best BBQ at the best price!

We enjoy serving our community with the best BBQ that's why we have been in business for many years!


No cater too big or too small!

  • For your next big get-together, serve your friends the tastiest BBQ in town.
    Give us a call if you'd like to organize a catering event, and we'll do our best to meet your demands!
  • For your big day, King's BBQ can provide a ton of expertly grilled meat and tasty sides!
  • Hassle-free service, Leave the cooking to us!
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Kings BBQ Since 2006

Luna's Family, Owners of Kings BBQ have perfectionated the skills of cooking juicy meats since 2006 and since then the tradition has been kept to bring tastiest meats, this can only be achieved with constant discipline and dedication

Everything needs to be working around the clock, It can be exhausting but with love and passion We always try to give our best and giving the best for our customers is something we do everyday here at Kings BBQ.

Nice BBQ, Good service, and friendly people have all contributed to the business's steady and constant growth over the previous 15 years.

We will continue to bring the best BBQ dishes to you!


You can reach us directly to or Fill out the form with your inquiry, we will reach out to you as soon as possible.


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